Just a quick PSA to remind everybody to check to make sure nothing is loose and anything that is strapped down and could come loose inside of your racecar is double checked after every session. After a small incident with my 1984 SCCA ITB BMW 318i I had just acquired, I finally got it back together and back out to a track day for a shake down.

Everything was going smoothly and was slowly shaking off the rust and getting comfortable again when I heard something rolling around inside of the car shortly after going out for Session 3. I made it about 3 laps around the track, trying to figure out what was loose, before it finally hit me: my fire extinguisher had come out of it’s clamp.

Going around the left hander of Swamp Turn the cabin filled with the dry chemical and I couldn’t even see those bright red gloves on the steering wheel. Luckily all to my right was a lot of open grass that I could dive off into and come to a safe stop.

This stuff is not fun to clean up. It’s been a week and I’m still vacuuming and wiping surfaces down, not to mention all of those wires tucked up under the dashboard. You don’t want to clean for a week+, always double check to make sure everything is tight and strapped down.